Profits raised will be shared equally between the Railway Benefit Fund and the Birmingham Children's Hospital

While most of the world was hiding at home from Covid 19, late evening on Christmas Eve in 2021 someone threw a giant 5 ft bear off a railway bridge on the cross city line. The poor bear landed on the roof of a train, the depot staff stayed late to rescue him, he looked very disheveled and unloved and had some serious injuries from his fall and from touching the overhead power lines. 

The depot staff made appeals for his owner on their twitter page. Very quickly the people of Birmingham and the railway family wanted to hear more about him. They took a vote and named him Hunslet after the maker of the 323 train he landed on.

After a few days on the depot Hunslet became a firm favourite with the depot staff and they adopted him. They discovered he likes jaffacakes, lollipops and tea cakes! Hunslet enjoys getting his paws dirty helping his new friends with their work.

Hunslet works hard at the depot but also likes going on adventures with his friends, bringing joy to all his social media followers as they keep up with his antics.

Hunslet has turned into a great mascot for the depot, he advocates for railway safety and encourages mental health awareness. 

Profits from Hunslet's merchandise will be split equally between these 2 well deserving charities, The Railway Benefit Fund & Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  

If you don’t already please follow Hunslet on twitter @hunsletthebear he is also on Facebook and Instagram.

Hunslet merchandise is a privately funded and organised venture by James and Helen Clarke.

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